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Free Listing

We aim to help small local businesses grow online. Hence we don’t charge for listing your business on our website.

Faster Listing Process

Our listing process is easy and efficiently designed, so you can quickly list your business and start generating leads.

All-Round Customer Service

We have a dedicated customer services team available 24/7 to help you list your company on our directory anytime, anywhere.


A Local Directory for Local Businesses to Find Customers Online

Local Business Dir is your online platform to improve your online visibility. We are a digital business directory helping businesses and companies meet new local customers online and assist users in search the best local business near them.


Can you explain how your directory can help me grow my business?

We help businesses in building their brand value online by bringing you in front of your potential customers when they search for you.

Can I list any businesses in your directory?

Yes, you can list any business with us. We are open to all types of businesses, services, products, and industries.

Can you provide support with the listing process?

Yes. We have a dedicated support team available 24/7 to help you list your business with us.

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